Agnesia Ayu Representative of SMA N 8 Tangerang Becomes Paskibra of Cibodas District Celebrating the 78th Indonesian Independence Day - On the occasion of the 78th Indonesian Independence Day which falls on 17 August 2023, Paskibra of Cibodas Subdistrict succeeded in enlivening this historic moment with the success ✔ of Agnesia Ayu, a student from SMA N 8 Tangerang.

Agnesia Ayu, a 17 year old teenager, has shown extraordinary dedication and talent in the world of paraskibra. With her burning enthusiasm, Agnesia has succeeded in becoming a member of the Cibodas Sub-District Paskibra. high discipline made him the spotlight at the commemoration of the Republic of Indonesia's anniversary this time.

Agnesia Ayu also shared her experiences and struggles in preparing herself to become a Paskibra member. He revealed, "I am very committed to giving my best in every exercise and respecting the red and white flag. I feel proud and honored to be a part of commemorating the 78th Indonesian Independence Day." He said, (17/8/23).

The commemoration of the 78th Indonesian Independence Day which is filled with fighting spirit and patriotism is hoped to be able to inspire the younger generation to continue to love and fight for Indonesia. Paskibra of Cibodas District and Agnesia Ayu from SMA N 8 Tangerang have made a significant contribution in enlivening the event, demonstrating a strong spirit of unity and oneness among the community.

Hopefully Agnesia Ayu's achievements and the spirit of commemorating the 78th Indonesian Independence Day can continue to burn and inspire Indonesia's young generation to achieve their goals and build a bright future for this country.


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