Drug Free Village Launched in Joresan Ponorogo Village


Drug Free Village Launched in Joresan Ponorogo Village
PersatuanindoNEWS.com -  In the Joresan Village Hall, Mlarak District, the Chief of Ponorogo Police, AKBP Wimboko S.I.K, M.Si, along with the Main Officials of the Police Department, launched a drug-free village as a strategic step to eradicate drug trafficking in the area on Friday (25/8/2023). The launch received full support from the Local Government, academics, and other elements of the community.

Andik Siswanto, the Head of Joresan Village, expressed appreciation for the establishment of a drug-free village in his village. He thanked everyone for the trust given and hoped that all parties would support this effort.

Chief of Ponorogo Police, AKBP Wimboko, explained that Joresan Village was chosen as a drug-free village because there have been no drug cases reported in the area so far. This demonstrates the good leadership of the community and the success of drug trafficking prevention.

"We must unite and commit to eradicating drug trafficking," urged AKBP Wimboko. He also called on the community to actively participate in efforts to save the nation's youth from the dangers of drugs. All parties are encouraged to report directly to him if they encounter any drug trafficking activities, and decisive action will be taken in response to such reports.

This strategic step is expected to create a safe and healthy environment in Joresan Village. Through collaboration between the government, police, academics, and the community, it is hoped that drug trafficking can be minimized, and the younger generation can grow and develop free from the negative influence of drugs.

The drug-free village in Joresan Village is a tangible example of joint efforts in combating drug addiction. Hopefully, this initiative can inspire other regions to adopt similar programs and work together to create a drug-free society.


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