The Fighting Spirit of Paskibra Candidates in Curug Sub-District is Firing Towards the 78th Indonesian Independence Day, Hard Training for the Victory of the Red and White Flag! - Candidates for Paskibraka (Flag Raising Troops) in Curug District are increasingly enthusiastic and working hard in order to welcome the celebration of the 78th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. On Saturday, 12 August 2023, they diligently underwent training to achieve optimal results and reflected a high level of proportionality.

Every morning, they start the day with breakfast together, consisting of bread, tea and milk. Breakfast is the first step before starting training activities. After enjoying breakfast, they warmed up their bodies which involved body movements and running as a routine to maintain physical fitness before starting Paskibraka training.

Taufik as the Curug Paskibra Regional Coordinator explained that the training was divided into two sessions.

"The Paskibraka training begins with the Marching Troops (PBB) exercise, which is then continued with an evaluation session. The prospective Paskibraka members are tireless and exhausted in training. They always work together in a team to achieve maximum results, so that every move they make make it perfect, he told reporters, (12/8/23).

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After several hours of practice, they were given rest time starting at 11:50 WIB until 13:00 WIB. During the break, they perform worship according to their respective beliefs. After that, they had lunch together and took a short break before continuing the training session at 13:00 WIB.

Before the practice session ends, they engage in a trekking session to evaluate their skills and progress in raising and lowering the flag. After that, a briefing was carried out by the Training Development Program (Binlat) led by Riskia, with the aim of strengthening the results of the training towards the end of the training session.

With education and enthusiasm that never subsides, as well as continuous training, prospective members of Paskibraka Curug District are ready to play an important role as flag-raising troops. They will proudly respect the symbols of the country in commemoration of the 78th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. This celebration will be held on Thursday, August 17 2023 at Curug Square, Curug District.


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