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Student Card Application Using Excel - Who said Ms. Excel can only be used for data input. In this article, we will provide information regarding the use of Ms✔. Excel, and according to the title of this article, the use of Ms✔. The Excel that we will discuss is its use as a Student Card Printing Application.

Simple Student Card V.1.1

Is Simple Student Card V.1.1, a simple application specifically designed to create and also print student cards. This simple application was created using Ms. Excel by utilizing the VBA Macro feature.

Features of the Excel-Based Student Card Printing Application Simple Student Cards V.1.1

The features of the excel-based student card printing application (Simple Student Card V.1.1) are as follows:

1. School Menu

Name of School/Madrasah;




Signer Name (Student Card);

Signature Position (Student Card);

NIP signer (Student Card);

Print Place and Date (Student Card); And

School/Madrasah logo.

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2. Student Menu

In this Student Menu we can add, edit, and also delete student data.

3. Card Menus

In this menu we can design student cards such as the front background, background, add a signature, add a stamp and also print student cards.

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4. Reset Menu

The Reset menu is used to delete all existing data (already input) into the application.

5. Import Menu

The Import menu is used to retrieve (import) student data from other files (a special template has been provided for import).

6. Export Menus

The Export Menu is the opposite of the Import Menu above, because this menu is used to export (input) existing student data into the application.

In this Simple V.1.1 Student Card Printing Application, we can directly add student photos to the UserForm when we input student data. As in the image below:

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Link Download Application for Printing Student Cards Based on Excel Simple Student Card V.1.1

To download/download the Simple Student Card printing application V.1.1, you can go through the link below:

Download the Student Card Printing Application Using Excel for Free

Server 1 | Server 2

Thus the article about Applications for Printing Student Cards Using Excel, I hope this is useful for everyone. That's it and thank you.


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